Special Events in May

Special Events in May

May is now here…

and MediLodge of Sault Ste. Marie made special activities available for our residents!

Catholic Mass: May 15th, 29th at 3:30

Cinco De Mayo Party & Ramadan: May 6th at 2:15

Resident Council: May 8th, at 2:15

Mother’s Day Tea Party: May 12th at 2:15

Dave O’ Gorman “The One Man Band”: May 16th at 3:30

Armed Forces Day Party: May 18th at 2:15

Victoria Day Party: May 20th at 2:15

Memorial Day Veteran Recognition: May 27th at 1:00

Hymn Singer’s: May 27th at 10:30

Gentleman George’s Band: May 30th at 3:00

Click here to download our calendar of special events for May!

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